The chairman delivered a speech

Welcome to Hebei German Textile Garments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Yung beetle! Thank you for your attention to my company!

First of all, thanks to the community and the new and old customers the support capacity of Hebei De beetle and love! Hebei De beetle capacity since its inception, all the friends of the care and support, after ten years of unremitting efforts, with a solid asset backing of the powerful equipment protection, high-quality workforce and technology, has been developed for the R & D , production, sales as one of the wool textile enterprises.
Hebei De beetle volume (formerly Hebei Longtai) was established 16 years, and always adhere to the Germany-based, customer first philosophy, with each one of our staff for their hard labor to create content beetle Germany today and the future! In the future, we will continue to adhere to the "De-oriented, pragmatic and innovative" purpose and dedication to provide first class services and products, all the friends at home and abroad to strengthen cooperation and work together for a better future.


----- Take the common courtesy as, speaks the good faith, speaks the universal love, the society contributes for is heavy;
----- Take studies the raise as, studies is the person, studies the science and technology, improves the quality for to be heavy;
----- Take a sale as, speaks the service, speaks the coordination, the customer demand for is heavy;
----- Take three male principles as, fair, fair, public, the work achievement for is heavy;
----- Take realistically as, speaks the truth, does the practical work, the fact achievements for is heavy;
----- Take vigorous and resolute as, the word must the line, the line have the fruit, the time speed to be heavy;
----- Take innovates the reform as, trades the thought, trades the method, the highly effective operation is.

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